From Harvard into University of Minnesota to San Diego condition.

Picture: Ann Singer, Boston University, class of 2017

Receive a feel for national trends in university intercourse, we partnered with SurveyMonkey to survey college students from varied backgrounds at a variety of four-year universites and colleges from coast to coast — from Harvard to the college of Minnesota to north park county. Multiple caveats: The poll was created by reporters, perhaps not personal scientists. The like the questionable question of intimate attack, we quite bluntly expected participants whether or not they’d been raped, some public-health surveys alternatively describe the work of forced gender in many various ways and over a few questions.

Far more people will declare that they’ve experienced rape if you don’t really keep these things identify as rape survivors, so fewer students stated they have been raped inside our study than have actually in current nationwide university studies. (but a higher percentage of people within our study mentioned they know some other students who’ve been sexually assaulted.) Additionally, despite our very own best efforts getting a much gender split, more women responded to the poll — as it happens the difficulty to getting young men to sit down nonetheless for a study is actually a well-known problem.

There are several things that curious united states in regards to the results: university females, as friends, have an important concern with intimate coercion; males, by comparison, overwhelmingly fear rejection — and they are about two times as afraid of poor overall performance in bed as ladies are. However the thing that intrigued all of us a lot of was that for the narrative dominance of “hookup society,” the scholars exactly who replied to our survey happened to be interestingly intimately conservative.

Analysis by Amelia Thomson-Deveaux

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Exactly how did your own school love life compare to compared to the surveyed pupils?

  1. Could you be male or female?

  2. Whenever did you drop the virginity?

  3. What is a hookup?

  4. If you are not a virgin, how often do you have intercourse?

  5. Do you think you’re having even more sex or much less sex than everyone?

  6. Just how long do you think you must know some body just before make love together with them?

  7. What’s the greatest worry about dating and sex?

  8. If you are not a virgin, ever thought that a sexual companion crossed a line?

  9. Have you ever been in love?

Your results

in accordance with the surveyed students and other nyc Magazine visitors tend to be marked in



1.) whenever did you get rid of your virginity?

2.) what exactly is a hookup?

3.) How often have you got gender?

University Students

NY Mag readers

4.) Do you think you’re having even more sex or less sex than your friends?

5.) just how long you think you should know some one if your wanting to have sex with them?

University Students

NY Mag readers

6.) What is your own most significant concern in terms of internet dating and sex?



7.) if you are intimately effective, have you ever believed that an intimate lover crossed a line?

8.) Have you ever held it’s place in really love?

University Students

NY Mag readers

Scholar study reactions


Nearly 40 percent of college students we surveyed stated they might be virgins. Still, the majority of people thought everyone was actually having a lot of sex.

Could you be intimately effective?

Just how long you think you must know some body if your wanting to have sexual intercourse together with them?



How will you discover gender associates?

Through pals



47per cent


34per cent



On The Web

14per cent

What amount of sex associates do you really believe you ought to have before matrimony?




Unsurprisingly, more females than guys report that a sexual partner has actually crossed the line, but practically as much males as women learn someone who has been raped.

Do you actually utilize birth control?











8per cent

Have you any idea anyone who has been raped?

You think the class really does a beneficial task of managing rape revealing?

Just how much do you generally drink on a night away?



Really Love

Relationships commonly dead: 69 percent of participants mentioned obtained had one which lasted longer than annually. And everyone plans to get hitched someday.

What is the longest connection you’ve got?



Never been in a relationship



Never been in a relationship

How much does a “date” suggest for your requirements?




1per cent

Any private encounter with intimate prospective


Some Other

7per cent

Do you believe you will definately get hitched at some point?

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